Care tips

We want you to enjoy your Void shoes, to help you keep them looking their best
please follow these simple tips.

  1. Keep the season in mind. In damp and rainy conditions, please use proper waterproofing sprays.
  2. Spray with stain repellent prior to use.
    When soiled, wipe with a clean, damp cloth and apply neutral or colored polish or leather lotion. Buff lightly with a soft cloth when dry. Do not apply polish to oil-tanned leathers.
    For suede use, a soft-bristled suede brush or block to remove dried soil. For wet, oily, or ink stains, professionally clean only.
  3. If needed please let the shoes dry naturally avoiding direct sunlight and exposure to heating devices.
  4. Please use the shoehorn when putting shoes on and avoid unnecessary pulling, tagging, stepping on the shoes.